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The Sustainable Restaurant Awards recognises business who have shown exceptional attention to their own footprint and consumer consciousness.

Restaurant sustainability considers actions which benefit the environment, as well as giving customers the opportunity to contribute to these positive efforts. From menus to food miles, packaging to décor, sustainability practices are so varied that managers and chefs have space for ingenuity.

Consumers are increasingly conscious of their own footprint when purchasing services, hence the restaurant industry has an expectation by many to invest in sustainable practices. The Sustainable Restaurant Awards celebrates and spotlights these practices, encouraging ingenuity from operators.

The judges will examine where a restaurant’s resourcefulness has benefitted both profits and integrity, as well as the significance of the impact an individual’s efforts has had on the wider community. Winners of a Sustainable Restaurant Award will have their efforts promoted and be forever commemorated as a champion of their industry.

About The Sustainable Restaurant Awards

The Sustainable Restaurant Awards were founded by Restaurant Insure and NDML. The awards aim to recognise and raise awareness for sustainability actions made by hospitality businesses.

Local and independent businesses have been operating in extreme circumstances, managing their finances through the cost of living crisis, energy price rises and the pandemic. Forgotten by the government and authorities, eateries are disappearing from our high streets daily. It’s been NDML’s ongoing, 25 year long mission to protect and preserve local hospitality; be it through guidance support or insurance. These awards look to reward those who have fought adversity and held firm to their moral values of sustainability and eco-responsibility.

The Sustainable Restaurant Awards will help to promote all applicants, nominees and finalists. The winners will be widely regarded as sustainability champions, gaining the deserved exposure for their positive ethical practices.

How the awards process works and how to get involved

We accept submissions from all restaurant and hospitality businesses. Once an application has been received and reviewed, we will contact your restaurant to let you know you’re being considered for a nomination.

Submissions are open as of September 1st 2023. Submissions will look to close December 31st 2023.

There are ten awards up for grabs. Each award is of equal merit and encompasses a certain aspect of restaurant sustainability. There is no limit on how many awards businesses are allowed to submit themselves for, however we do ask businesses to only apply once for each award.

Each award will be judged on their application, each award asking a question or multiple questions surrounding practices and menu choices. This format provides an opportunity for smaller businesses to shine alongside well-established brands.

Submissions are open for any and all businesses who serve sustainable food, follow sustainable practices and have a premises.

Why apply for the Sustainable Restaurant Awards

By participating in the Sustainable Restaurant Awards, not only will you gain extensive exposure for your business, you will also help heighten the restaurant industry’s sustainability standard as a whole. As an applicant you will join a network of industry leading hospitality operators, connected through NDML and Restaurant Insure, ready to share innovative ideas and make positive change.

In recognition of their efforts, each business will receive a commemorative plaque as well as a significant online presence. Their practices, actions, or menu will be publicised; explaining why their attitudes toward sustainability go above and beyond what is expect, and why their business deserves consumer attention.

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